Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of the most beautiful cities to visit and has a host of spectacular restaurants and traditional taverns.The Argentinian cuisine comprises of best meat Argentine cuts, Buenos Aires can truly be defined as a food lovers paradise whereby you can get top quality food and drink an excellent bottle of wine for just under thirty dollars.The food culture here is strongly driven by tradition as barbecued beef is one of the most common foods enjoyed by many people in this city and generally the whole country.

There is also some influence of Italian food here as pasta is another major type of food enjoyed by the people here.Fish and empanadas are also popular here, although it is the Argentinian world class beef which is the most popular.If you visit Buenos Aires, be sure to check some of the best restaurants such as the Gran Dabbang restaurant.Here, you will get to sample some of the best and delicious chef specials such as Swiss Chard Pakoras and Carrot Chutney.

buenos aires meat delecacyBuenos Aires is well known because of its meat delicacy.However, if u are a vegetarian, you should not worry since there are some top quality restaurants which serve vegan foods such as the Arevalito, Palermo Hollywood. Here, vegans can sample delicacies such as a cast of fresh salads, quality home made bread and tarts. Another restaurant which serves non-meat foods is the Buenos Aires Verde which serves creamy quinoa risotto, veggie curry and vegan pizza.There are other restaurants which offer vegan foods which vegan food lovers will completely enjoy and appreciate such as mushroom ceviche, cashew nut cheese, polenta lasagna, wild leek humita, mushroom and pumpkin empanadas among many other specialties.

Buenos Aires foodBuenos Aires offers some of the best red and white wine worldwide, with the most popular being the Malbec, a red wine made from grapes that are originally from the Bordeaux region of France. As a tourist, there are a couple of wine tasting venues where you can to sample some of the high-quality wine stocked in their wine cellars such as the Mansion Vitraux and the Fierro Hotel. Here you can enjoy diverse tastes of Argentinian wine.Buenos Aires usually hosts a Wine Tour Urbano which is an event that invites wine lovers to sample different great wines at different locations around the city.

Generally, Buenos Aires, Argentina is a spectacular place to visit that you will really appreciate be it, the foods, drinks, the culture of the people and the general amazing view of the city and its environs.

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